Human’s Forest – Trailer

Taidekoulu Estradi - Artschool Estradi Theatregroup // Lappeenranta, Finnland
04/05/2021 // 17:00

The group „Human`s Forest“ has been training together for about 1-2 years. The members of the group are 17-20 years old. Normally, the group practices 6 hours a week in the theater hall of the Art School Estrad. The group is participating in a nationwide theater project, but due to the corona, performances have been canceled and rehearsals have generally taken place remotely. The group has been studying epic theater and Bertolt Brecht this year. The group’s final work of art will be a documentary short film about an unrealized theatrical performance during the corona era.

Groupmembers: Jenny Kokki, Roope Kalanen, Vilma Liikkanen, Aapo Loimalahti, Niko Holopainen, Vilja Hynynen, Elina Riikonen, Niilo Ruokoniemi, Elsa Hyrylä, Leevi Lehtonen, Laura Liikka, Pinja Saikko, Liisa-Lotta Ellonen
Director / teacher Heidi Parkkinen, Tomi Välimaa
Videoediting Jesse Pätäri