Odysseus – Trailer

Taidekoulu Estradi - Artschool Estradi Theatregroup // Lappeenranta, Finnland
04/05/2021 // 17:15

The group „Odyssey“ has been training together for about 5 years. The members of the group are 17-21 years old. Normally, the group practices 6 hours a week in the theater hall of the Art School Estrad. The group has studied the Odysseus of Homer for a year. We have read many Finnish translations and finally written our own interpretation of the work. Because of Corona, we haven’t been able to practice together, so at the end of May 2021, we’ll implement the monologues for the characters in some way.

Groupmembers: Elsi Eerola, Pihla Lehikonen, Alex Lindholm, Aava Salomäki, Noora Särkkä, Veikka Tolvanen, Aapo Loimalahti, Miro Mänttäri, Jasper Kotiranta, Leevi Nikula.
Director / teacher Heidi Parkkinen, Jasper Kotiranta
Videoediting Leevi Nikula