Ten past Twelve – Yeah, the world is gonna end

Wandelbar // Darmstadt, Germany
04/06/2021 // 16:00

The life on earth is about to end. Only a few people could find shelter in a safe place under the surface. A group of ten has to face the challenges of isolation, with no contact to other possible survivors. They find themselves in a life between hope and despair, relief and madness. Nobody is sure, what really caused the world to end. Trapped in this supposedly safe shelter, they all experience their own apocalypse. The whole stage play was written by the actors themselves. The in-house production was developed in 2019, which was also the year of the premiere. The play also deals with the end of the world caused by a deadly virus. Ironically, further performances were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Cast: Hannah Neuhaus, Lea Göbel, Thekla Gerspach, Elia Loewenhardt, Melanie Herms, Emily Schmitt, Larissa Piperrtzis, Paula Schmidt, Ole Sellhorn-Timm, Sonja Weigt
Sound & Lighting: Philipp Roßmann
Film: Oskar Gerspach
Direction: Laura Theiß