Physical Storytelling

Lecturer: Michelle Greet
Language: English

Exploring physical storytelling – bringing a tale to life by weaving a language through the body as well as the spoken word. Our aim will be to make our own short drama-poem, re-telling a theme using inspiration from a Gothic tale. To grow a rich expressive language through what each of us brings to share.
Please be advised that our main source material for inspiration comes from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which as a 200 year old Gothic horror tale, contains some ideas which may not be suitable for everyone’s taste. – Scare guaranteed!

Play with Voice

Lecturer: Susanne Ruppel
Language: German, English, French

We ask ourselves the following questions: Where is our voice actually? – What do we use it for? – How do we use it? – What can she do? – What does our hearing have to do with the voice?
In search of answers, we first look at our anatomy and physiology. We discover our own, perhaps new, vocal spaces. We playfully develop our own voice – we transform it, play with animal noises and try out how to create characters with just the voice.
No previous knowledge is required. Only joy in perceiving, discovering and communicating.


Lecturer: Ralf Siedhoff, Mykyta Sierov
Language: German, English, Russian

An insight into the rhythm and style of pop, rock, jazz and world music. The focus is on rhythm and improvisation training based on teaching methods from flamenco and classical Indian music.
We will integrate everyday objects as percussion and melody instruments as well as beatboxing and body percussion. 
In the course of the workshop we send all participants a click track to which each participant records a video with their own ideas and sends us back. We will then edit the material into a music video in post-production. 
Previous musical knowledge is helpful but not required.

Songs of Distance

Lecturer: Brady Swenson
Language: German, English

Singing is fun! – Singing keeps you healthy! – Perfect during the Covid Era!
In this Workshop we will not only work on individual voice training but on individual songs, choral singing and musical acting performance. And what are we singing about? Well, Corona-appropriate “distance relationship“

Fantasy is a Muscle

Lecturer: Christian Sunkel
Language: German, English

Fantasy is a Muscle … and we go to the gym!
Everyone has it! One more pronounced, the other more “conventional”; the one chaotically overturning, the other purposefully deployable and “steerable”. Imagination is one of the basic human skills. And it can be trained to a certain extent. But for that we have to get to know them first … and for that we need … no, not hard work but RELAXATION! Otherwise the muses may not usually come to us (we will also discuss who or what these muses are).
This means that we will first get to know some relaxation techniques and then watch our imagination at work. The best way to do this is to lie on a yoga mat ourselves.
And when we have investigated the paths and peculiarities of our fantasy for ourselves in the protected space of our head, let’s see how our fantasy creatures fare when they are sent on a journey with other fantasy creatures.
Maybe we can still make our fantasies accessible to others … but that would be the bonus round!


Lecturer: Florian Götz, Jule Pichler, Robin Lascheit
Language: German, English

Human Encounters. Do they even exist anymore in recent times? The stores are empty, one’s family or flatmates are pretty much the only people to meet, the vast majority of people has not found true love in the supermarket cues, and TikTok has been played through for a while. 
But: There just have to be other possibilities how to have exciting encounters with other people, even with all the Corona restrictions! This is the mission of the new online project of „Spieltrieb – Jugendclub am Theater Duisburg“. For this project, the young players go on something like „performative research“ and create their own, extraordinary „Encounter Missions“ – with the goal of weaving their experiences into an artistic-documentary Online-Play, to be premiered in June of 2021.
However: The young ensemble will offer a first little interactive art experiment for theatre hungry people at the International Youth Festival Schwäbisch Hall – alongside some international festival participants!
Visitors of the Zoom Performance on Wednesday, April 7th will meet the young artists one-on-one in a kind of Art Speed Dating format and get to choose one of several little artistic performances each has to offer. But: It will cost a little (artistic) service in return!

African Dance

Lecturer: Hope Theatre Nairobi
Language: English

It is what it is. Dance, feel the rhythm in your body and converting the fun of music into movement – that’s what this workshop is about.

Distance – Emotion – Movie

Lecturer: Melanie Rainer
Language: German, English

In the end we have a mini-movie ! We will deal with the topic distance and closeness and throw emotions in there. How can I express emotions in a movie. How can I stimulate emotions by filming different things. What happens, if I add music, change colours? How does slowmotion effect the movie? How can I make people laugh, cry or be amazed. We will create little scenes, which each participant films with the cellphone. And in the end, we will have a mini-movie. My idea is, to bring the world a bit closer. Even if it´s only for three days – our mini-movie will last forever.


Lecturer: Water; Assistent: Forest Wang
Language: Englisch, Chinese

Acting is always physical work. A role, a character that we develop as actors can have many different emotions. We investigate the effects that emotions have on our bodily state in order to then use this knowledge for developing our characters. It is possible to access inner emotions via physical work on the outer body. Our tools for this journey are close observation and breath control.