Language: German, English

About the workshop

Human Encounters. Do they even exist anymore in recent times? The stores are empty, one’s family or flatmates are pretty much the only people to meet, the vast majority of people has not found true love in the supermarket cues, and TikTok has been played through for a while. 

But: There just have to be other possibilities how to have exciting encounters with other people, even with all the Corona restrictions! This is the mission of the new online project of „Spieltrieb – Jugendclub am Theater Duisburg“. For this project, the young players go on something like „performative research“ and create their own, extraordinary „Encounter Missions“ – with the goal of weaving their experiences into an artistic-documentary Online-Play, to be premiered in June of 2021.

However: The young ensemble will offer a first little interactive art experiment for theatre hungry people at the International Youth Festival Schwäbisch Hall – alongside some international festival participants!

Visitors of the Zoom Performance on Wednesday, April 7th will meet the young artists one-on-one in a kind of Art Speed Dating format and get to choose one of several little artistic performances each has to offer. But: It will cost a little (artistic) service in return!

About the lecturer

Florian Götz is probably the only human to be a part of the International Youth Theatre Festival Schwäbisch Hall with three different youth companies. In 2015, he fell in love with the city while overseeing the youth club of Gandersheimer Domfestspiele. Two years ago, his production of „Liebe!“ with the Youth Ensemble of Freilichtspiele Schwäbisch Hall opened the festival. And now, he returns to his old home at least virtually with the „Spieltrieb“ from Schauspiel Duisburg.

Jule Pichler became a member of the Schauspiel Duisburg youth theatre club while a student of Psychology in Düsseldorf. Following her studies, she intensified her involvement in theatre in various workshops and courses. Since 2020, she is a student of theater pedagogy at the Institut für Theaterpädagogik Lingen.

Robin Lascheit was infected with the theatre virus by an English Melodram, while a student of sociology. As this virus progressed within him, he became a member of the Schauspiel Duisburg youth theatre club. After his Bachelor, he worked as an Assistant Director for the newly founded Theatre Grand Guignol, learning that slapstick and horror can find fabulous connections in the medium of theatre. Currently, he is a student of theater pedagogy at the Institut für Theaterpädagogik Lingen.