Distance – Emotion – Movie

Language: German, English

About the workshop

In the end we have a mini-movie ! We will deal with the topic distance and closeness and throw emotions in there. How can I express emotions in a movie. How can I stimulate emotions by filming different things. What happens, if I add music, change colours? How does slowmotion effect the movie? How can I make people laugh, cry or be amazed. We will create little scenes, which each participant films with the cellphone. And in the end, we will have a mini-movie. My idea is, to bring the world a bit closer. Even if it´s only for three days – our mini-movie will last forever.

About the lecturer

Melanie Rainer studied acting and singing at the university of arts and since then she has been  working in different theatres all around the country. Leipzig, Nürnberg, Graz, Berlin, Schwäbisch Hall- 12 years she was working on the wonderful stairs of Schwäbisch Hall and this is the forth time she is offering a workshop at the international theatre- festival. During the lockdown she found her creativity in making mini-movies and she is writing her third musical for children. Living in Regensburg, she is part of the ensemble of improvisation and works as an actress and singer in the theatre of Regensburg. 2019 she had her first show as a " sister of comedy". Furthermore she plays her own musicals for children all over the country. To show emotion, to dive into different roles, to use the voice as an instrument and to see the stage as a playground for adults, is what mostly makes her happy.