Fantasy is a Muscle

Language: German, English

About the workshop

Fantasy is a Muscle … and we go to the gym!

Everyone has it! One more pronounced, the other more “conventional”; the one chaotically overturning, the other purposefully deployable and “steerable”. Imagination is one of the basic human skills. And it can be trained to a certain extent. But for that we have to get to know them first … and for that we need … no, not hard work but RELAXATION! Otherwise the muses may not usually come to us (we will also discuss who or what these muses are).

This means that we will first get to know some relaxation techniques and then watch our imagination at work. The best way to do this is to lie on a yoga mat ourselves.

And when we have investigated the paths and peculiarities of our fantasy for ourselves in the protected space of our head, let’s see how our fantasy creatures fare when they are sent on a journey with other fantasy creatures.

Maybe we can still make our fantasies accessible to others … but that would be the bonus round!

About the lecturer

Christian Sunkel completed his acting training at the Rostock University of Music and Theater in 2000. For more than 20 years he has been on stage and played among others at theaters in Stuttgart, Mannheim, Schwerin and Zurich. In Schwäbisch Hall between 2008 and 2013 he was not only active as an actor, but also headed the youth ensemble for several years, through which he discovered his talent for directing. Since then, he has also worked extensively behind the stage and has staged at various houses in recent years.