Physical Storytelling

Language: English

About the workshop

Exploring physical storytelling – bringing a tale to life by weaving a language through the body as well as the spoken word. Our aim will be to make our own short drama-poem, re-telling a theme using inspiration from a Gothic tale. To grow a rich expressive language through what each of us brings to share.

Please be advised that our main source material for inspiration comes from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which as a 200 year old Gothic horror tale, contains some ideas which may not be suitable for everyone’s taste. – Scare guaranteed!

For everyone who deosn’t know:

About the lecturer

Michelle Greet is a lecturer in Drama at Loughborough University in England. Her area of special interest is in Devising Performance, in particular using physical expression as the primary means of creative exploration and expression during the process of theatre-making. As humans we have communicated with each other since ancient times by storytelling. She is always intrigued by the limitless imaginative possibilities which are revealed if we explore ideas and texts not just verbally, but through physical play and improvisation.